Cue the ‘Summer Panic’

Can you believe that it is already August? I’m in denial. There’s no way that summer can possibly be almost over; I’ve done nothing.

Exaggerating, of course. I’ve done some fun things so far this summer like visiting friends down in Virginia Beach! It’s just this summer has not gone as I exactly planned it. So the panic sets in…and I scrambled to put together a bucket list to finish before August is through.

1. Go hiking

There’s an amazing park/reservation near our apartment that we’ve been to a couple of times, but I would love to go hiking in the Appalachians or somewhere new!


2. Beach day

It used to be so easy to go to the beach when I lived at home-I was a 10 minute drive. It didn’t involve planning ahead of time or factoring in traffic. Now it’s at least a 30-45 minute drive which is torture for me…


3.Go fishing

I love fishing! I don’t eat seafood, but there’s nothing better than hanging out on a boat in the middle of the ocean. And when you get to spend it with your smelly boyfriend? Even better.


4. Try a new drink (alcoholic or non)

You know Tipsy Bartender? I love watching the crazy drinks that he makes. It would be fun to experiment and try some new fancy, crazy drink! I’ve been thinking about that Jolly Rancher flavored vodka. Mmmm.

5. Visit somewhere I’ve never been

I love adventures. I love exploring new places. The problem is I am eternally lazy and my bed is super comfy (it’s a knock-off Temper Pedic). Perhaps, a trip to Massachusetts is in order? I don’t know. Any suggestions?


6. Lay on the beach at night and watch the stars

When I lived much closer to the beach, I would often drag Paul to the beach so I could just stare at the sky. I aspired to be an Astronomer at one time when I was little, but my extreme fear of aliens got in the way. My favorite game? Spot the satellite!

7. See the blue moon!

I added this one last minute because of all the news reports and Facebook statuses I was seeing about the ‘blue moon.’ It was pretty chill. The moon isn’t blue, obviously, but it did look stunning the other night.

Is the ‘end of summer panic’ starting to take hold in you? What are some of your bucket list items for this summer? Have you done anything adventurous this summer?

Now’s the time to grab a cold one and share with your friends!

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